Saturday, October 2, 2010

Relaxing in the sun with Marty

Mmmm... I like days like this. Summer this year has been way too brief, most of my time has been devoted to math, work, science writing, and pondering where on Earth I'll end up in terms of grad school. Lots to think about, which is why simply taking naps in the sun with my sweetie is so important.

DIY bike skills

Bike just about complete... new tires, hammered fenders, new handlebars and stem, cables, bar-end shifters, and a new Brooks saddle. I also learned how to true a wheel! The only thing left is to swap out the foot pedals and get some decent handlebar grips. I am still getting used to riding busy streets, but I have been commuting by bike twice a week (my goal is to slowly work up to every day). Yay!

Ok, now back to science!