Sunday, September 5, 2010

sweet old school bike

Right now I am procrastinating on scientific writing in favor of fixing my bike... a 1971 Atala Competizone painted black except for the original chrome trim on the lugs and forks... mmm shiney.

With a little help from Marty I just replaced the tires with a new brand with thicker rubber, kevlar reinforcement, all-weather tread, and reflective bands (perfect for year round commuting). Next on my list is to install a pair of Honjo-esqe hammered metal fenders.

I also need to put in a taller stem with swept back handlebars for a more up right riding position (also helpful if you have a shorter torso/arms compared to the frame design). At some point I will also swap the downtube shifters (on the frame) with the bar-end variety (end of handbars) to make changing gears a little easier. Last on my list is purchasing a Brooks saddle, I just need to decide on which model and color to get...

Hopefully when I am all done I will have a stylish commuter bike that akin to a 1940's French portuer bike. :)

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